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Roy Cooke Memorial Specialist & Rares Show 2019

The Area Rares and Specialist open show will be held at Bowburn

Community Centre on Sunday 7th July 2019

Show Secretary Brian Close 07940737005

Judges. Geof Moore & Alan Michael.

What a great day at the Roy Cooke Memorial Show, Roy would have been proud of us!!
The show was so well run by Raymond Rogerson and admin work done by Brian Close and Norma Phillips was spot on. No mistakes or cock ups. As with the patronage with Jim Smith and David Harrison. Top chefs Ian Cooper and Don Rowell prepared the meals of bacon butties first thing and then lunch. Anne Cairns prepared the special meal for the judges Alan Michael with his wife Nikki and Geoff Moore.
Great year as entries were up to 274 benched as were exhibitors which is first class for an area Speicialist and Rares Varieties Show. Not to be missed were the lads and lasses who put up and took down the staging,thankless task! Colin Wright and Kevin Fetherstone were there first thing to get things moving.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the show one to remember.


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