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Agenda 2020

5th April is supposed to be a Inter Club knock out but the communications with the clubs mean this is (in my opinion) not certain and it may well be a members show as in previous years

26th April is the Open Day and the guest speaker is the BS President Elect Phil Reaney

14th June ( the meeting has been put back a week de to the BS convention) is John Newall

5th July is the SRVS show and we have double CC’s this year

2nd August is Donald Bruton

6th September was to be Phil Reaney as BS President however as he is now the guest speaker at the Open Day this may change. It is a discussion item at next week’s Council meeting

4th October is an Inter Club knock out competition

1st November is the auction

6th December we have invited Ghalib and Janice Al Nasser but this hasn’t been confirmed and Ghalib is currently unwell so I don’t know if they will be speaking

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