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2019 Guest Speakers

January       6th       Norma Phillips & Charlie Bowman
                                Plus Nominations Meeting.

February     3rd       Annual General Meeting.

March         3rd       Donald Bruton, Scotland, Powerpoint
                             on the Rare Varieties

April            7th       Members show 2019 rung birds
                                & BS Panel Judge

May            5th       Open Day Ravensdene Lodge Hotel 
                               Speakers Gerald Lannigan & Kevin Eatwell

June          2nd      Roger Carr

July           7th       Specialist & Rare Variety Show.

August      4th       Phil McHale.

Sept.         1st       Harry Hockaday

Oct.           6th      Members Show, Any Age & Young Bird
                             & BS Panel Judge

Nov.          3rd      Auction (Please bring birds and Equipment)

Dec.          1st      Presidents panel and social

Well the nominations meeting was a very successful afternoon today nearly 40 members turned up but it was probably to listen to Norma Phillips and Charlie Bowman giving a presentation on their life in budgies. Thanks to both of them as it was  very interesting.

Lewis Pape on the left a new member talking to Ian Cooper

What an horrible day weather wise, snow, ice and damn well very cold, but we still managed to have nearly 40 members come along to our AGM. Thanks to them, but we had a wonderful jovial afternoon with Peter Watts in the chair who entertained us and kept a smile on our faces. Kevin Batey stepped into the hotseat as our new secretary which was brilliant news.

March meeting
Great afternoon and a packed audience to see Donald Brutons presentation on rare vairieties. It was a very interesting afternoon and he brought some rares so we could look at them and see if we could indentify them, Unfortunately we failed miserably, but it was a terrific idea to bring them so the members could see them close up. One has to praise the likes of Donald for perservering to breed such difficult birds.
Great to see Donald's 'roadies' Willie Orr and Stuart McFayden travelling to see us, a trip of over 250 miles. It goes without saying that the NBS really appreciate this.
Donald showed us via his presentation the fallow, English and German, Slates,Anthracites and crests. and praised the girls at Cage & Aviary  Birds weekly magazine for giving him so much help investigating the history of these birds. They went in to their archives and put Donald on the right track. Many thanks to them for helping Donald as it was well worth it.
The audience showed their interest as many questiins were asked and hopefully some may try and breed some of these rares. Gaile Clark was interested as she breed crests, so she took an added interest in the talk.

Donald Bruton with Jim Smith

Top Table

Gaile Clark kindly brings an huge cake for members

Kyle with Willie Orr

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